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The versatile Order-Capture operational system provides a wide array of services with a flexible backend system that will solve all your SellOnLive problems!

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Our Live Broadcasting functions are designed to solve every possible problem a live host may encounter on their live broadcasts. SellOnLive strive to continuously improve their system to enhance the overall live commerce customer experience.

+1 Automatic/Manual Order Capture

The Order-Capture system can process orders automatically or allow your live host to manually capture orders with just one click.

Post Order Capture

Whenever a customer leaves a message with specific keywords included, the Order-Capture system will be able to automatically capture these messages and record them down as an order.

Exclusive WebStore

The live broadcast and offline stores will be able to work together to increase the exposure of goods and complete sales at any time of the day/night.

Bidding Event

Increase the interactivity of the live And also increases customer engagement and purchase rate.

Comment & Grab Voucher Event

Once the customer comment the correct keyword, the system will automatically apply the discount code to the latest order.

Custom Measurement of Products

The system supports custom measurement of products, which can easily and quickly create and price the goods after measuring it during the live broadcast

Keyword Lucky Draw

Lucky draws can greatly increase the number of viewers on your live broadcasts, the Order-Capture system will automatically consolidate a list of sharers, provided they "share the broadcast publicly".

Sales Data Reports

The Order-Capture system will automatically generate an overview data analysis report of your Top 5 sales volumes, order rankings, etc. after each live broadcast.

Custom Shipping Fee Calculation

The freight is calculated based on the weight of the item or the total number of goods in the shopping cart.

Manage Multiple FB Fan Pages

Easily connect different fan pages for wider exposure on live broadcasts and to simultaneously manage various online store orders, customers, business data, etc.

Staff Account

SellOnLive platform has the capacity to support the accessibility of multiple employee accounts.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Customers can freely choose Online Transfer, E-wallet or offline manual transfer

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